Introducing the Wavelength AI Bot Designer

Video Demo

AI is a huge part of Wavelength today — 1/3 of all messages sent invoke the @AI bot in a conversation.

Today we’re launching an AI bot designer built into Wavelength. This lets you easily create custom AI bots — amazing lifelike personalities that you can interact with in your group chats or via direct message. You can choose from GPT-3.5 or Claude Instant v1.1 for the model that powers your bot. We’ve found that sometimes a particular model is much better for a character, so it’s worth trying both and comparing results.

The bot designer lets you toggle between editing the bot and trying out the bot in a preview conversation, so it’s easy to refine your prompts and settings until the bot behaves just the way you want. Make a fun bot? You can share it with others using a link, or make it public so that anyone can discover it. Make a fun character, a text-based adventure game, or anything else!

We’re looking forward to seeing what you create. If you have feedback or questions, please reach out and let us know — we’re happy to help you debug your bots if they’re not working the way you expect.

Ready to start designing an AI character? Get Wavelength on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Android is coming soon.